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FREE Introductory Course/s

  [  The Intro to ICD-10-CM Online Training  ] - FREE
The ICD-10 is copyrighted by the World Health Organization (WHO)external icon, which owns and publishes the classification. WHO has authorized the development of an adaptation of ICD-10 for use in the United States for U.S. government purposes. As agreed, all modifications to the ICD-10 must conform to WHO conventions for the ICD. ICD-10-CM was developed following a thorough evaluation by a Technical Advisory Panel and extensive additional consultation with physician groups, clinical coders, and others to assure clinical accuracy and utility.

In this free Introduction to ICD-10-CM Course, we will discuss:
  • Overview of the ICD-10-CM layout
  • ICD-10-CM Conversion
  • How to look up an ICD-10-CM code
  • Official ICD-10-CM coding guidelines

Course Contents:

  • Video - Introduction to CPT
  • Video - Quiz
  • Video - Quiz Rationalization
  [  Anatomy and Medical Terminology  ] - Promo
The Anatomy and Medical Terminology videos is designed to familiarize the student with the language of medicine, through the study of prefixes, suffixes, root words, abbreviation, and pronunciation of words. The videos also includes an overview of anatomy and physiology in order to increase the understanding of medical vocabulary and prepare students to better understand spoken and written interactions in all medical environments.

Course Contents:

  • Video - General Anatomy, Digestive System, Integumentary, Ear, Endocrine System, Eye, [Hematic, Lymphatic & Immunology], Musculoskeletal System Female Reproductive System, Male Reproductive System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Urinary System, Cardiovascular

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